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About Us

NLH Coffee Roasters in Coppell, Texas has an underlying philosophy of selecting products that consistently hold high quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the prime products that we feature in our stock. We feature single-origin coffee and tea procured from the highlands of Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

In addition to our standards, we price our products more affordably than our competitors. You’re sure to have a satisfying experience when you taste our flavorful coffee and tea.

What Drives Us?

Our business grows when the families and individuals we buy from grow. It’s because we see the world as a village and human lives are intricately interconnected. We have a heart and a genuine desire to create an opportunity for farmers, producers, and all those involved in the process of making these wonderful products.

We strive to create an opportunity for humanity to earn a decent life and live with dignity. We are driven by the need to treat every customer like family. Our services come with a personal touch.

Edwin Namenge, Our Founder

Our story however begins on the Slopes of Mt. Elgon in Kenya! Despite its proximity to Ethiopia, place widely believed to be the region from which coffee originated, It was not until the first part of the 20th Century that Coffee and Tea were introduced to Kenya.

Initially, coffee was grown on large British-run farms. However, in 1933 Kenya enacted the Coffee Act which would establish the Coffee Board of Kenya and the Kenyan auction system. It wouldn’t be until the 1950s that Kenyans would begin to control most of the coffee production.

Edwin's grandfather, Samuel N. Kimkung, the Mt. Elgon Chief then took up coffee and tea farming. He had big coffee and tea plantations growing some of the finest, smoothest, and most aromatic coffees. This Coffee is mostly used to blend with other coffees to give them a taste.

All Coffees are priced against the New York "C" Market-- a commodities exchange where coffee futures are bought and sold. Kenyan AA Coffee is used as the standard. It's generally considered best as a blender-- as it's available in a more limited supply and perceived as very high quality. We get to sell it to you straight from the farm.

Even though these farmers produced this high-end product, they made very little from their sales. This got Edwin thinking, “What if he could process, mill, sort, and grade locally?” He knew that this would tremendously change the lives of so many impoverished hardworking farmers.

In 1994, the concept behind NLH Coffee & Tea Co. was born. This conceptualization all happened in a dorm room while Edwin was still a student at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Study sessions provided a perfect opportunity to explore the art of brewing our own coffee and tea to burn the midnight oil. Conversations about coffee and tea led to the interest which developed into a passion for exploring and discovering the craft of coffee and tea making.

Edwin taught Highschool for two years in Kenya after graduation eventually moving to the US in 1997 to pursue his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). His idea for a coffee and tea company was not lost. The US offered a perfect opportunity for his business.

It was at the University of North Texas in Denton that he discovered the magic of a good espresso and latte. The art of brewing the ultimate cup of coffee and tea came back to life.

What started out as casual tea and coffee breaks at school and work quickly grew into an obsession to bring richer and more distinct coffees with exceptionally sharp flavors and toasty aromas to the US. He also wanted to import fine teas with bold, full-body, and robust taste from a continent that has an extraordinary history.

Our Recent Activities

NLH Coffee Roasters established a base in Coppell, Texas. This is because we see great potential for growth working with our clients in the nearby Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

We have gone from experimenting with teas and coffees from all over the world to traveling and touring various tea and coffee zones. All of these were done to discover unique and great-tasting blends.

We work very closely with our main tea supplier, Kenya Tea Development Agency. Most of our organic coffee beans come from our 15 partners around the globe. These consist of mostly small scale farming families.


Our mission is to explore, find and bring to the market the finest quality coffee and loose-leaf tea from around the world as beverages for all seasons.

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