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A Tour of Kenyan Coffee Farm.

This place is Magical!

We were Picked up from our hotel in Nairobi at 08:00 Hours and departed for the coffee tour by road, the farm is approximately 8 kilometers from Nairobi, and it is a 54-Acre Piece of Private Land.

Paradise lost is a well managed resort with lots of fun and adventure besides the coffee plantation and manufacturing.

The farm is home to 2.5 years Old Stone Age caves, trees thought to be hundreds of years old while the river reeds have a long story to tell. First you enjoy the nature trails amid bird watching, horse riding, and camel riding, feeding Masai ostrich, fishing and boat riding , then head to the coffee farms.

We were met by our tour guide Paul,who walked us through the entire process from how coffee is planted in the seed bed to the plantation.

After this coffee manager gave us a chance to process our own coffee which we packed and carried some back home branded with Kenya label at a reasonable fee. This was a wonderful Experience.

We saw the picking process of coffee from the farms followed by a tour of the Local coffee factory.

Kenya Coffee harvesting is normally carried out during the dry seasons when the cherries are bright, glossy, and firm. Ripe cherries are handpicked. This is a labor intensive exercise and involves most of the members of a family and hired labor. Transportation to the Factories is by Ox-drawn carts, pick-up vehicles, and sometimes lorries. This is done immediately after harvesting.

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