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We stock the world’s best beverages! Experience the Bold Roasty Aroma of our coffees and the smooth premium flavored teas grown from the highlands of Eastern Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

NLH Coffee is based in Coppell, Texas. We feature single-origin coffee and tea from regions of the world with high altitudes, rich volcanic soils, great climates, and abundant rainfall.

We offer a wide variety of products that you can purchase from either our online store or other mainstream online outlets, including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Additionally, we provide our products to mainstream Brick and Mortar (B&M) stores that offer organic goods. See our full selection of quality coffee and tea products at our store.


a superior coffee and tea experience.

Why Coffee and Tea?

The consumption rate is growing by 15-20% a year. What’s more surprising is the fact that worldwide growth in coffee consumption rates takes up almost 2% of this increase.

At NLH Coffee Roasters, we offer high-quality crafted coffee, Espresso and Tea products at a price that is hard to beat. This is because we are better positioned than our main competitors to provide supplies to the increasing demand for coffee and specialty beverages.

We have direct access to our suppliers. This gives us the flexibility needed to make the necessary adjustments required to sustain and maintain our core values.

We strive for customer satisfaction at all times. We do this by treating our clients like family and by ensuring that every order comes with our own personal touch.

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